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1973 MGB Roadster

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I sold Black Beauty at the annual North Atlanta Trade Center classic car auction on Saturday 1-4-03. However, it didn't quite work out in the conventional manner. I had set the (secret) reserve minimum amount at $7500 which was my asking price here on this site. They had a poor turnout of real buyers and the few real buyers there were pro's looking for big bargains across all makes and models. LOTS of VERY nice cars went unsold. 55 Chevy hot rods that normally go for $40-50,000 were bid at $25000 and less. High bid for Black Beauty was only $5000.00 and I turned that down.

Getting the highest price was not the priority.  Getting enough money to do what I needed to do WAS the priority and Black Beauty DID sell on that Saturday for enough money, just not directly through the auction process. Numerous persons had voiced interest in Black Beauty before she went on the block, and told me that if I didn't sell her through the normal bid process, that they would be interested in talking to me afterwards. I took a little gamble by turning down the $5000 but I guess it paid off in the long run. By turning down the $5000 for her while she was on the auction block I ended up netting approximately $1400 more for her. By turning down the $5000, it released me from having to pay the 8 percent auction commission ($400 in that scenario) and the eventual buyer gave me $6000 for her, a bargain for them and the cash I needed for me.

Several potential buyers did come up to me after the auction for my B had completed and I worked out a bottom final line sale with one of them, a very nice couple that live just up the road from me and that also owned some other nice classic cars.

 If I had fixed a few of the relatively minor paint imperfections (paint job was 7-8 years old by now) and waited until spring and nicer weather, I am certain I could have gotten at least the $7,500 for her, with one potential buyer saying he would have given me that amount had not the other buyer beat him to it a few days earlier. I'm satisfied and feel like I got a fair price for my B taking everything into consideration and my need to move her (to buy my C5 Vette) - AND - mostly, I just wanted it over with. I got the money and the space that I needed, when I needed it. Black Beauty went to a good home too. Black Beauty is worth more than I got for her but sometimes one does what they have to do. The one thing that I do know for sure now is that with her sold now, I have room and, with the $6000 I got for her, I have enough money now to purchase the C-5 Vette convertible that I want so much, while the prices are somewhat down on them in a bit of a slower economy! I can make a enough savings buying a Vette now than the little extra money that I may have given away on the B!


Sold  Sold  Sold Sold  Sold  Sold Sold  Sold  Sold Sold  Sold  Sold


I owned Black Beauty from 1988 through 2003. I completely rebuilt her from the ground up, except for the engine, during the first two years, drove her as a daily driver for the next five years and then rebuilt the engine, approximately 10 years ago. I refurbished her again cosmetically approximately 6-7 years ago including painting her again at that time. I have not driven her 5,000 to 6,000 miles total since I rebuilt the engine. I have plugged away, improving her a little each year. Just this summer I had the 4 speed all syncro tranny rebuilt (have receipt), replaced both front disc brake calipers and I also replaced the chrome bumpers, this done a second time since I originally purchased her. 

I'm not getting any younger, don't have the physical or mental resources to keep dealing with her any longer and I had (new model) Corvette fever real bad. I didn't want to go to the next life without having my chance at a Vette. I live in a cluster home neighborhood with restrictive covenants about cars and it was not practical to keep both of them. 

Black Beauty has been updated for reliability (in keeping with the vintage of the era).  She's got lots of extras.  She's not a concours but she is reliable and in very good shape for a 30 year old car. She needs very little to make her just about  perfect. She gets lots of looks and compliments. Nobody that knows me can believe that I was willing to part with her after having her all these years.  I've had a lot of fun with her and she's been good to me and for me but it was time to part with her and to put her into someone's hands that has more time/ability than I did. I've heard of people selling nice B's like this for much more than I did. However, that C5 Vette was burning a hole in my pocket, so to speak!


Sold  Sold  Sold Sold  Sold  Sold Sold  Sold  Sold Sold  Sold  Sold

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