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 FACT! - The 73 MGB was the Reigning SCCA E-Production Champion in 1973!

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Disclaimer: This is only a part time hobby for me and I'm not able to keep these links as up-to-date as I would like to. I do edit the list of links periodically (maybe at 6 month or so intervals) but it is a seemingly impossible task, with how often website URL addresses change. In my opinion, a good general rule of thumb for stability and reliability, is a web link that works continuously for years at a time, so if a link listed here works, it probably is a stable entity. If it doesn't work, it did in the not too distant past and maybe it just wasn't really such a reliable source of information anyhow and I will eventually remove it. If it does work, I found that there were valuable resources available and/or I found the website interesting enough to make the effort of making it available - so please enjoy!

There are a lot of MG websites on the Internet but I have one

 MG website in particular that rates as my personal favorite:

 Stinch's Garage is NOT a business. It is the personal website of Rich Stinchcomb. While the site IS nicely done, that is not the reason it is my favorite MG website. The reason I find it so interesting is that this site features web pages with multiple photos, accompanied by Rich's dialogue about his visit to the historic British Leyland factory in Abingdon, England where MG's were originally assembled! - Photos include the Abingdon factory building outside, the assembly line inside and the parking lots full of new MG's outside. The photos were shot only 4 weeks prior to all MG (and the other British Leyland makes) production permanently ending! A real treat for the MG enthusiast. Click on the two links below.

The Abingdon Factory Building and the Assembly Line Inside 


The Abingdon Factory Parking Lots Outside


v  Black IS Beautiful! v

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British Car Week - May 25 through June 2 of each year - Click here to learn what it is all about

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  Here's another gorgeous Black Beauty MG. Click here to help me identify it.

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