Auto Responder for Outlook or Outlook Express E-mail Programs - How to configure

Did you know that YOU can configure either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to automatically respond to any e-mail message that you might receive? That's right! YOU can do it and it is not too difficult either. You do NOT have to purchase any other software programs and you do not need a computer programmer to do it for you! 

You can "auto respond" to all e-mail messages received on your computer, such as when you are away on vacation, to respond with a canned reply to all inquiries on a certain subject, in response to a key word, or to just about anything you wish to respond to. 

The following are instructions for how to configure and enable an e-mail auto responder for either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

Please note that as time has gone along, Microsoft has released upgrades of the Outlook and Outlook Express E-mail client programs. There are multiple versions available. These instructions, while exactly accurate for one version, WILL vary somewhat between other versions. Because of this, these instructions are intended only as a general outline and as a guide to get you started in the right direction. The exact, specific steps for each individual version of Outlook or Outlook Express, which there are several, may vary somewhat between the actual version you might have. Don't let that scare you though! It is NOT hard - and with this outline, and a little thought and some common sense on your part,  you CAN do it with minimum stress. 

Click here for printable (1 page) instructions for Microsoft Outlook

Click here for printable (1 page) instructions for Outlook Express


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