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Jerry and Claudia Erbesfield with "Natalie", the most beautiful Dolphin at Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida, this past summer. A really wonderful experience and one of our favorite photos. We are the parents of Lenny & Nathan (Claudia's kids) and Brian & Michelle (Jerry's kids) - and the grand parents of Connor & Olivia and Jordan, all shown below on this page:



Hanna Grace is 2 years old and is the son of Kara & Brian.


Alexis (Lexie) is 3 years old and is the son of Lenny & Sarah.


Olivia is now 7 years old and is the daughter of Michelle & Danny.


Connor is now 10 years old and is the son of Michelle & Danny.


Jordan is now 13 years old and is the daughter of Kylee and Nathan.



Lenny and Sarah.


Michelle and Danny


Nathan and Kylee


Brian and Heather


The whole bunch of us (somewhat) together, at Seagrove Beach in the summer of 2009!

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