Here's another Black Beauty MG. This one is just a little older than my B, and probably worth just a little bit more money too! MG's like this one are what drew me to the MG marquee in the first place. When I was young and even before my early teens, in addition to and sometimes rather than reading books about the horse story Black Beauty and such, I read about stories, the history and the tradition of MG automobiles - and dreamed of owning one day, as I now do. I counted MG's rather than sheep to go to sleep. This MG was my "dream car". Can anybody specifically identify the year and model of this particular beautiful classic MG? If you can, pleas click on "webmaster" below and give me some info on it. I'll publish it here for all to enjoy.

UPDATE - The  picture of this, up until now, unidentified old MG, posted here a couple of years ago, has finally been positively ID'ed (reasonably sure). John Arkley,, visited this website and wrote me that he believes this MG is a 1946/48 MG TC and he should know in that he is lives in England and restores older British vehicles. Here's John's comments: Hi your unidentified MG is a 1946/48 MG TC.  I have a TA and the only differences is the TA and TB have three strips on the running board and a TC has two. All mg's before the 1938 TA do not have bars in the Grill .  I restore cars and I have a few( 3) MG Y Types, MG TA and had a 1934 MG PA and some old vans. Hope this helps.  John,


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