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Our Pond:



Our Pond and Water Garden:

Aerial view of the whole pond area


[ Lots more pond photos follow the below text ]

Editor's note: We sold our home and our pond with it  on March, 2005. We won't have a pond at our new home because we don't have enough room for one, and it is more work than we want to deal with now-a-days,  but I thought I'd leave this page here for others to enjoy.

We enjoy our pond! We have completed our second summer with it. It is a great conversation piece and it has already become the center of attention and a gathering place for family and friends we they visit. The pond seemed to take on a life of its own as we built it and it has turned out, simply put, to be beautiful beyond any of our expectations! Our pond is in our back yard, right outside of our screened porch. It is virtually impossible NOT to get (at least) relaxed when reclining in one of the chase lounges on the screen porch listening to the water flow over the waterfalls. Everybody should have a pond like this! There would be a lot less need for tranquilizer pills in the world!

Our pond has approximately 1300 total gallon water capacity. Actually there are 2 ponds, a small upper 100 gallon feeder pond and a large 1200 gallon lower main pond, approximately 30" deep. There are 3 waterfalls, flowing under a wooden hand built bridge and over the edge of the first pond into the second pond. And, YES!, the pond does have fish in it! We have approximately 20 or so fish in it at present with a variety of different species of Koi and Goldfish, already with a few of them born/hatched right in the pond!

We keep multiple varieties of water plants in the pond (during the season) including: floating Water Hyacinth, Water Lilies, Cana Lilies, Parrot Feather, A Palm, a Cardinal Flower, and a few other plant verities with complicated names that I cannot pronounce much less spell. The pond is also surrounded with lots of appropriate in-the-ground plants including: Ferns, Mexican Heather, Vinca, variegated Monkey grass, Elephant Ears, tall desert style grass, lots of Azaleas, Blue Rug Juniper, Dwarf Holly shrubs, various annual flowers and some other stuff that I cannot remember the names of. We have a "Little boy Peeing" (hooked up to a small submersible filter) to help with aeration and another large filter rated at up to 2600 gallon per hour capacity, that takes care of the primary filtering duties. This keeps the water very clean and healthy and with minimal upkeep, medication or chemical assistance.

There are four and one half tons of rock in and around the pond, all toted, concreted and mortared into place by myself, all alone.

(Editor's note: I have been corrected and reminded that my son and son-in-law spent a day helping me get the rocks to the house and then helped unload them to a couple of strategic locations near the planned pond location. One day's worth of work for which I am extremely thankful for and appreciative)!!

However, it still took me three and a half more months after that, working on it evenings after work and every weekend, to complete. The ONLY other help that I had was one morning with a couple of hired guys (couldn't get my son or son-in-law to come back again!) helping me to complete the digging of the main pond hole and spotting more piles of the rock around the pond area so that they'd be more convenient when I needed to put them into their final resting spot. Enough said. It WAS a lot of work but was well worth it. Here's some more photos:

Our "Back Yard Guard"

overlooks the area


We posted this new "warning" sign at the pond this year



Ground Level view



Aerial view of just the upper pond area



Little Boy Peeing - another new addition - now located in the center of the bigger pond



Ground level view of the pond and screen porch (on the right)


Screen porch & the deck above


Some of our little Koi and Goldfish friends


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