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Red Rocket!

I turned 66 on Monday, March 7, 2011 and gave myself a birthday present! I sold my 12 year old Black Beauty C5 Corvette convertible a couple of weeks ago. It was just time to let her go. After finding this Vette (I've named her "Red Rocket"), my brother and I promptly took-off to Swainsboro, GA. (191 miles south and east of Atlanta) on Friday, 3-4-2011, to check-out and then pick up my new (to me) 9,500 mile C6 2008 Victory Red Corvette coupe, still covered under factory warranty!

Check out the below photos, as purchased (click photos to enlarge):



UPDATE: I turned 71 years young on March 7, 2016 so I thought it was time to reward myself by updating my Red Rocket. In addition to the full width spoiler and several other updates I have made over the past 5 years, I purchased and installed a new set of C7 Z06 styles wheels and a new set of Michelin tires. Check out these photos of Red Rocket now:



Only 36,500 miles on Red Rocket as of 7/16/2017!

Red Rocket is loaded. The following invoice lists the factory installed equipment on my Red Rocket Vette:

Hot Dang!!

My dream come true!

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