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"To finish first, you must first finish."

This racer's maxim is somewhere in the mind of every race car driver throughout every race. Some variation of it should be in yours whenever you're driving a motor vehicle, in a race or on the street.

"Safety Fast" is a traditional old English sports car enthusiast slogan and salutation that means a lot more than just driving safely and fast. This slogan has meaning that can be hard to express in words of definition. In addition any literal definition, "Safety Fast" is a greeting and an expression of good will. It is an English sports car enthusiast way of wishing well to fellow enthusiast. It is an expression of camaraderie. It is also a reminder to drive "Safety Fast".

"Safety Fast" also applies to driving situations. Whenever a racer is driving wheel-to-wheel or nose-to-tail with another car, whenever he is about to pass another car or be passed, some portion of the driver's mind is considering "Safety Fast", driving as fast as he possibly can while paying close attention to not overextending, himself, the equipment, safe operation and - -  accident avoidance: "Where will I go if.....?"; "What will I do if....?" Accidents are avoided as much in the driver's head as by his driving skills and techniques. "Safety Fast" also means using one's head.

Emphasis is placed not only on the skills of driving a motor vehicle as fast as possible but also on the safety aspects of driving technique. Anticipating, looking well ahead of one's car and being aware of one's surroundings at all times, braking, stopping and keeping braking and steering as separate as possible, steering and cornering techniques, mirror usage and its importance in assuring visibility of all parts of the road, defensive driving, accident avoidance, maintaining skills for driving in rain, inclement weather and for night driving.

Knowing the limits of your car - as well as your own limits. NOT driving with impaired vision or impaired visibility; driving while drowsy; driving after consuming alcohol, drugs or medication, is another primary "Safety Fast" ingredient.

Attention to and expertise with all of these kinds of elements - and a driver's ability to anticipate and to respond to them appropriately IS driving "Safety Fast".

"Safety Fast" is a lot more than just a slogan. It is the essence of sports car driving, winning and safe driving, on and off the track.


"Safety Fast"

 Jerry Erbesfield

73 MGB "Black Beauty" Roadster


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